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Let’s Analysis on the Cause of Fire of Rolling:


Use a thin line, the line is overloaded.

Each wire has a safe current that can be carried per square, and once the amount of current passing through the wire exceeds the safe current, it can cause the instantaneous heat of the wire to be too large, causing the wire to catch fire. For example, some of the market use of the shutter light 0.75mm wire, when used in the first time even if the main line, it will cause the circuit overload, the wire for a long time through a large number of current, it is easy to lead to roller curtain light, The Proposed to use 2.5mm ² line, to avoid the cable caused by too much security risks.

Improper use of the line, resulting in short circuit fire.

Improper use of the line is also affecting the use of military security, such as one of the reasons, resulting in short circuit is mainly due to long-term use of the wire, causing the insulation of the aging, rupture, loss of insulation, resulting in two lines meet. Or because of chaos random wiring caused by short circuit, in the process of wiring wires together, easy to cause the wire "insulation layer damage, causing short circuit. Therefore, the wiring must be careful not to pull, chaos, chaos plus Electrical device, increase the entire line of electricity load.

In the purchase, we must carefully see what the specifications of the line, do not seek cheap and ignore the safety; in use must always check the wire lines, so as to avoid the problem caused by fire problems

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