The latest data show that using COB lightings (including ceramic packaging / EMC packaged COB products) is as high as 580 million US dollars in market. The market is expected to exceed $ 700 million in 2021.


COB products are mainly used in commercial lighting market, with the promotion of technology,  high-power COB product is more and more stability, is gradually been used in outdoor lighting, including LED mining lamps, street lamps. 

As the high-power LED and COB LED has the high light intensity and good product design that other mid-power don't have , that will enhance competitive advantage in high-end lighting market.

Yunsun's led spotlight is used COB with their internation patent lens, that looks like halogen and also have same function with halogen.

Led spotlight

International manufacturers have a complete COB product line, focusing on the light quality, reliability and light intensity.

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