Dr. Mohab Ibrahim of the University of Arizona in the United States accidentally found that headache sitting under the trees, it seems analgesic effect. Out of curiosity, he decided to be a simple experiment to test whether the green light really can relieve chronic pain.


Dr. Mohab Ibrahim led a team of three experimental white mice with neuropathic pain. They put the first group of mice on a transparent plastic container with green LED light strip, which lasts for eight hours a day for five days. The second group of rats is placed in the general indoor lighting environment, but wearing special contact lenses, allowing only green eyes through the mouse. As for the third group of control group of white mice are wearing opaque contact lenses, can not see any color of light.

The results showed that compared with the control group of white mice, the first two groups can withstand greater temperature and tactile stimulation, the process did not find any side effects. And after the last light, the mouse in the next four days, or continue to maintain this effect.

 Led downlight

Scientists have initially identified that this may be because the green light improves the level of "endogenous opioid" in mice. This substance can resist pain and relieve nervous system inflammation.

At present, the researchers are for 10 patients with fibromyalgia for 10 weeks of human clinical trials, the initial results are encouraging. Because the analgesic effect is significant, and even two patients refused to test the green LED light source back to the research team.

Although the study is still in its infancy, Dr. Mohab Ibrahim said that the green LED light source to create this lamp, with considerable possibilities, can reduce the specific chronic pain, and this therapy is more safe, effective and affordable. He hopes to launch a green LED light therapy in the future, or with other methods to help many patients suffering from pain.

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