1. no flicker:
"No flicker" is the most basic condition of fluorescent eye. Fluorescent eye protectors on the market are generally supplied with a flicker test gyroscope. Rotating the gyroscope in the light, gyro border shows a clear and stable pattern.

2. shade:
Please buy partial yellow white lamp, do not buy blue and white light desk lamp. Blue and white light on the human eye has some damage, and light yellow and white light is suitable for reading and writing lighting.

3. the color:

Color rendering is an important requirement for fluorescent eye protection lamp. If the color of the light is poor, it is difficult to restore the original color. The easiest way to check is: to use the palm of the blood red to check the color of the lamp, in the light, the palm of the blood red color as well, if there is no color is not good color.


In general, the power of fluorescent lamps in the 9W ~ 18W between the desktop to meet the requirements of reading and writing lighting. In the environment of low brightness, use 9W fluorescent eye can be; in the environment of high brightness occasions, the use of 18W fluorescent eye protection is sufficient.

5. color temperature:
As the eye lamp, color temperature between 5000-5500K for our eyesight needs of the light environment. So consider this factor when you choose. Not recommended by some businesses, as the brighter the better!

6. the height of the lamp:

As the eye lamp, it can not be too high, nor too low, the appropriate range between 35-50cm. The more contacts the lamp stand, the more expensive the sale price, and easy to damage.

7. security:

As the LED light source, its own characteristics determine the absence of glass devices, will not produce sharp edges and corners of the skin, especially children. If the decorative links increase, be sure to increase the drawing, screws and other sharp sharp devices. The simpler the structure, the better!

8. Material:

LED light source because the long life, so lighthouse material is very important. For example, some use of metal, not natural, are additional processing, after a long time off, affecting the appearance. Or a long time will be corrosion, but also affect the aesthetics. It is recommended to choose environmentally friendly plastic material, mainly to maintain a long time of color and beauty!

9. the surface of the base process:

As the light is down the lamp, so the base surface can not be smooth process, so that although good-looking, but will form a glare due to reflection on the light environment have a negative impact. Therefore, the proposed choice frosted surface.

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