LED lights classification: mainly divided into external lighting and internal lighting. Common lights are: headlamps, turn signals, rear lights, fog lights, reversing lights and so on. The following are the same as the "

In general, as long as it is not bright, it means that the light bulb has been burned, must be replaced.

But if not completely broken, but the brightness is reduced, the light red and dim, it must not be taken lightly, because it may be a precursor to failure, and reduce the lighting capacity is also a major risk of safe driving

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There are several reasons for the reduction of brightness, the most common is the lamp astigmatism glass or mirror on the plot of dust, then need to do is only with a flannel or lens paper to remove the dirt can be clean. Another reason is the battery charging capacity decline, lack of power and lead to insufficient brightness, so you need to replace the new battery. There may be a line of aging or wire is too small, resulting in increased resistance to affect the power supply, this situation not only affect the work of the bulb, severe and even lead to the heat caused by fire.

Various types of lights maintenance methods:


In general, friends who often open a night train should consider replacing a pair of higher brightness headlamps, so that in the dark night, enough brightness can help you see all the details of the road, and when playing in the same time Can make you look farther. If the premise permit, you can even replace a pair of xenon headlamps (hid), xenon lamp is not only bright enough, long life, it also has a feature: color temperature is very high, close to the color temperature of the sun is also a protection to the driver's eyes.

Tail lights:

In general, as long as it is not a fault, tail light upgrade is not much, in addition to the installation of transparent lamp shell to increase ornamental, the use of LED light instead of traditional light bulb is a good choice, LED not only increased brightness, response time The traditional light bulbs have been shortened, which means that when you step on the brake pedal, LED brake lights can be brighter than ordinary light bulbs, so that trailing vehicles have more preparation time.

Fog lights:

Fog lights is often said that the spotlights. The main purpose of the fog lamp is to ensure that the driver's line of sight in the bad weather and to ensure that others can see you, and now there are many manufacturers, the purpose of installing fog lamps only to make the front bumper more beautiful, so the choice The quality of the fog lights is relatively poor. And headlamps, in addition to replace the brightness enough fog lights, the choice of a hid xenon fog lamp is also a good choice.

Night reversing is really a headache, especially the vision is not very good driver, the original reversing lights of the weak light is not much help. At this point you need a reversing light, which is installed in the middle of the bar or below the independent lamps, you hang down after the reverse will automatically light.

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