Fog in a lot of lights are set: lights, high beam, fog lights, double jump lights, taillights ... ... what lights are open vehicles.

1. Do not leave the spotlight

Fog driving must show the lights and front and rear fog lights. Show the lights generally in the steering wheel on the left side of the light pole, turn the first gear is the show lights, also known as night lights, the second gear is the low beam, the third file is high beam. Only to open the profile lights to open before and after the fog lights, and fog lights are fog driving special lights, the main role is to open the fog lamp in order to make other vehicles can better observe you, to avoid rear-end and cut rub occurred. Foggy Many drivers open high beam. In fact, this is counterproductive: high light issued by the white light and white mist mixed together, but more clearly.

2. Bad line of sight

Foggy sight is not good, reasonable ground horn can play the role of warning pedestrians and vehicles, when you hear the other car horn sound, should immediately whistle to respond to indicate the location of their car. When driving in the fog, be sure to control the speed of driving. If the visibility is less than 200 meters, the speed should not exceed 40 kilometers; visibility within 30 meters, the speed should be controlled at 20 km or less. At the same time pay attention to keep with the car in front of a safe distance, to try to rely on the middle of the road, do not travel along the roadside to prevent temporary parking and waiting for fog people collided.

3. The lights are not getting better and better

Many owners will be ordinary lights to change the color temperature is too high xenon lamp, the light penetration will decline, once encountered rain and fog, the light almost lost its role. The penetration of the light is not proportional to the brightness. In fact, the higher the color temperature of xenon lamp, the light in the air encountered snow, smoke, dust, fog and other substances, the stronger the reflectivity. So rain and fog driving, usually too bright high-temperature temperature xenon lamp will be completely lost its role.

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