How to choose indoor lighting
Is it a warm color or a cool color? In fact, the daily indoor lighting, most people will not select too much light color, the mainly difference is color temperature.
Select color light is only a part of the indoor lighting program, it need to conbine the climate, lighting, home style and functional space to analysis.

Different colors warm light source to enhance the living room multi-level lighting.
chandelier is the most eye-catching light in living-room. 
As the main lighting source, high color temperature warm light is more atmosphere in living-room. Followed by the enhanced light source, you can focus on a want to highlight the object above.

Candle Chandelier in living-room

Wall lights, reading lights, table lights, function lights can enhance the level of light, to create a warm home effect. The best is color temperature should be similar, such as different intensity of the warm light source to each other, do not appear cold and warm light mixed, so as not to let the entire space is not in tune.

The intensity of light is the key in kitchen.

Compared to the living room, the light is better to select. Due to the special features of the kitchen, bright light source or neutral light can make the kitchen a bright sense of cleanliness. 
Also the placement of the lights on the table can choose neutral low-voltage spotlights.
led lights in kitchen

The toilet light also has functional requirements to responsible for illuminating the dressing mirror. So toilet glass is very important, neither too strong nor too dark. 

You can choose a warm light source, especially at night into the toilet will not be too bright because of disruption sleepy.

Toliet Led Light

The warmth of the bedroom is the best of the low warm light source
In general, the bedroom lights shoule be warm to sleep and relax.
Naturally warm light is the best. At this time the bedroom decoration is essential, from the wall color, furniture, curtain shading must be considered. 

If the bedroom with a similar candle light source of low wattage lamp, both to meet the warmth and comfort, without affecting the basic lighting. In addition, there are reading needs can be added to the bed with a small LED lighting, so that both convenient and practical.

bedroom light led

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