Eyes are the windows of the mind, Bad light hours make the dry eyes, swelling and discomfort, while in retinal atrophy caused by irreparable damage injury.

  Health light source is usually defined as: all in line with human evolution has been able to withstand, no damage to the body, no damage to the visual, so that humans can feel pleasant light.

  Health light source can often be evaluated from the following aspects:

1. wavelength
  Determine the color of light, such as three primary colors: red (630nm) green (550nm) blue (450nm);
2. strength
  Commonly used light intensity (Cd) and illumination (lx) to measure, international and domestic lighting products have a clear light intensity, too strong for the weak will cause damage to vision;

3. color temperature
  Determine the basic color of light (the market there are more white, warm white, cool white, etc.), the human eye can perceive the color temperature range 1500K-12000K. Color temperature to be compatible with the environment, such as cold white light in the hospital so that patients have irritability, and warm white will allow patients to feel more comfortable (important factor).

4. color rendering
  Color rendering refers to the characteristics of different colors when different light sources illuminate objects of the same color. The color rendering index of a light source is usually expressed by a color rendering index (Ra). More than 75 on the market more than color, the real little more than 80. The laboratory has developed a color of 97 light source, the luminous efficiency does not reduce a lot of cases, the color to improve a lot;

  Health light source on human health has important significance, Be careful with your health when you make a choice of led light.

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