The first step: product packaging detailed look

Regular LED bulb products, the product packaging will have parameters, manufacturers, origin, contact and other identification. Through the product packaging, consumers can first understand the brightness, light color, energy efficiency and service life and other most concerned about the purchase factors, so the right choice for their own products. If the product packaging does not have these signs, compared to non-formal products, its product quality is difficult to be guaranteed, consumers in the process of using the bulb damage is also difficult to find businesses for after-sales service. So consumers in the purchase of LED bulbs before you read the product packaging.

Step 2: Pick up the bulb and watch carefully

After reading the LED bulb product packaging, the next should come up with a light bulb to see, touch, shake, measured a test. First look at the appearance of the light bulb, the appearance should be the whole smooth, even without scratches; Second, touch the surface of the bulb, should be smooth, no obvious tattoo feel; again, shake the bulb, Should be no abnormal sound, such as the internal ring, may be because of its internal components of the lamp is not fixed or debris, can easily lead to the internal circuit of the lamp short circuit and damage the lamp; Finally, require businesses in the darker environment, light LED bulbs, Observe its light color and brightness, etc., and the light emitted by the light bulb is stable, light color is uniform, light on the eyes are comfortable.

G55 Led Bulb

The third step: safety and environmental protection both

LED bulbs as a kind of household appliances, its safety is the most important. Therefore, consumers must choose to obtain the national product quality certification of LED products, be sure to check the product safety certification (such as GB certification and CE certification, etc.), only to obtain safety certification of products, in terms of safety, performance and quality are guaranteed. These signs will generally appear in the product packaging or packaging inside the product manual, the consumer in the selection of LED light bulbs to carefully view.

Green is also an important factor to consider when buying LED bulbs, qualified LED bulbs without infrared, ultraviolet radiation, mercury-free substances that may be hazardous to health, disposal will not cause harm to the environment. For more and more environmentally conscious consumers, pay attention to the product packaging on the relevant logo.
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Step 4: consider the need for the first

Every family's space environment is not the same, consumers should be based on the use of the environment to choose the appropriate LED bulbs, but not the brighter the better, nor the more expensive the better. In addition, the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other places need different brightness is not the same, only with different brightness or light color of the LED light bulb in order to create a comfortable warm or bright and clean different home lighting environment.

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