How to select good led light.
1: The principle of LED energy-saving lights.
2: The principle of LED working.
3: What kind of LED lights is a good LED light?
4: How to choose really good LED lights?

led energy-saving light

1: Energy saving

There is two aspects that effect LED light energy saving.
Firstly, the luminous efficiency. Luminous efficiency means that the electric energy of each watt transfer to light energy. the unit is LM / W (lumens / W). You can make a comparison,  between luorescent tubes and energy-saving lamps for housing.

Secondly, that is the less attenuation of energy-saving LED lights.

Lighting effects, that this lamp i think is very comfortable.
 what is the standard if the lamp is comfortable?
1: the enough brightness.
2: The parameters of the light close to natural light
3: lamp design is reasonable, no light pollution, can achieve the effect of contrast atmosphere

The frist piont is easy to understand.
Second point, what is natural light? What are the characteristics?
Natural light is the sun. At noon, the sun shines on the balcony, did not directly shine inside the room, but you feel comfortable in the room inside. Light enough bright, soft and watch clearly.
So we use the lamp, a good light is the parameters are close to the natural light of the lights. the parameters involved too much, some parameters we can not understand, but also less than the most direct way to judge a light is to see the CRI .

Qualified LED lights CRI must be over Ra80.

The best LED lights CRI must be over Ra90.

Led light

The factors that affect lifespan:
1: if the raw material is qualified?
2: if the thermal structure is qualified?

First, if the raw materials are qualified?
LED lights in three parts, light source (LED), power(constant current drive), shell (cooling part)
The three parts, any one part of the problem, the life of the lamp will be a problem.

LED light source is DC, and white light use 3-3.6V low-voltage direct current,that the 220V AC need to become suitable for the LED current and voltage, that is the driver function.
when led lights lighting, there will be a lot of heat produced,and heat in turn affect the LED chip, resulting in increased current.If current increases, the heat is greater, to become a vicious cycle, so LED lights are used Constant current control.

The driver is most important.Two part can effect the driver.
1: Material, The most easiest bad is capacitor, Rubycon capacitor from Japan is the best capacitor.
2: Temperature. It will produce temperature when using, especially the capacitor.
The material of shell is very important. 
recessed led downlight

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