1, Appearace

A qualified product must have a reasonable structure, delicate surface treatment, structural and functional components are matched. 

A clear and complete product label.

6 inch led downlight

2,Light source

Different quality of the LED chip is the key to light lifespan, color temperature, light efficiency difference and beam angle. 
In the case of high-quality lights off the light visual comparison difficult to distinguish, usually require manufacturers to provide technical parameters.

Yunsun Led downlight use philip SMD3030 led.

3, Driver

The drive power is the heart of led light. 
First of all, review the parameters marked by the manufacturer. Because the LED volt-ampere characteristics with negative temperature coefficient characteristics, it is not fixed,it will change with temperature. 
The main parameters of the analysis: input voltage, output voltage, output current, output power, power factor, wiring marking, temperature rise, overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection and so on.

4, Heat treatment

LED is very sensitive to temperature.
The front also talked about the negative temperature coefficient, so the need to review the radiator treatment, in theory, aluminum radiator material more appropriate, but differentiate the insert aluminum, car aluminum, cast aluminum. There is a radiator and light source and aluminum plate, aluminum shell contact between each other, the area will directly affect the LED chip core temperature conduction and cooling effect.

5, Sample Test

Lighting designers need to test the lighting sample. 
Color temperature, luminous, spot shape, beam angle, lamp body temperature are all audit details. 

This can be very intuitive to determine whether the design and lighting effects to match.

led spotlight

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