First, when you get the LED downlight lights, don't install it at first. 
You should carefully look at the LED lights and read the installation instructions, Installing and using led light according to installation instructions.

Second, if both ends of the lamp are red or black or black shadow or not at work, the lamp should be replaced to prevent the ballast burnout and other unsafe phenomenon;

Third, the cleaning and maintenance should be careful and don't change the structure of LED lights.Also don't replace the LED light components.
LED lights must be installed as before, do not leak and wrong installed after cleaning.

Led downlight

Fourth, LED lights also need to enhance maintenance when using, in order to extend its lifespan. 
In the bathroom, the bathroom lights must be equipped with moisture-proof lampshade. otherwise it will greatly shorten the service life. The lamp should be cleaned with a dry cloth, notice to prevent moisture intrusion. 
The kitchen lights should pay special attention to anti-fume, because the accumulation of grease will affect the lighting of the light. 

Kicthen led light

Fifth, do not frequently switch the light when using.

Special Remarks:
1, Led lights are easy to rust, off paint and shorten lifespan in wet environment.
Therefore, dampproof is the key to lighting maintenance, especially at bathroom and kitchen. 
Install moisture-proof lamp cover to prevent moisture intrusion, to avoid corrosion damage or leakage short-circuit.

2,Do not to use water to clean led light, using dry cloth to wipe the water.

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