Spotlight is a highly condensed lamp, its light exposure is to specify a specific target, can be placed in the ceiling around the top of the furniture, can also be placed in the wall, wall or skirting. Direct exposure to light in the need to emphasize the artifacts on the home to highlight the subjective aesthetic role. Spotlight light soft, elegant, both on the overall lighting from the leading role, but also local lighting, contrast atmosphere.

Many people in the use of spotlights, often can not achieve the desired results. When installing the spotlight, there are a few things to note: the choice of lamps and lighting must be appropriate to avoid the formation of "light pollution"; spotlights installed in the sofa above, to avoid direct injection of the eyes; spotlights embedded and non-embedded Two, according to the specific needs and the characteristics of these two different forms of light lighting design.

Living room spotlights use, you can have a different program: with a chandelier, with a downlight or single spotlights to achieve the living room lighting beautiful effect. Different with the use of different visual effects.

1.With chandelier with the use of light primary and secondary

2.Two small spotlights, plus sofa area lighting

3.With the use of industrial wind wall

4.Pure white light, increase the sense of clean space

5.With the downlight with the use of full coverage of lighting

6.Downlight is a kind of lamp with more ordinary light, it is generally used for general lighting or auxiliary lighting. Downlight and spotlights with the use of space lighting can be achieved without dead ends.

7.Spotlight alone, but also illuminate the living room area. Do not install the main lights, two rows of spotlights lighting

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