Earlier, IKEA announced that its Tradfri intelligent lighting system will be in the late summer or early autumn when the firmware upgrade, then Tradfri system smart light bulbs will be compatible with Apple HomeKit platform.

The user has been prompted to upgrade the firmware of the Tradfri lighting device on the product page of the IKEA website. After the upgrade, the user can use Siri to control the device and operate the IKEA light bulb in the home application.

It is reported that IKEA's Tradfri intelligent lighting system covers almost all types of home light bulb interface, with desktop lamp compatible E12 interface, Edison bulb E27 interface and GU10 interface. Through the Internet and Internet connected to the gateway controller, users can control the connection through the iOS application Tradfri smart light bulb.

The update also added support for the Philips Hue bridge, which means that after the update, IKEA smart light bulbs will appear in the Hue application, in fact, save money for users. Also note that before this IKEA smart light bulb has been and Amazon Alexa and Google Home linkage used.

A Tradfri Smart Light and an action-controlled dimmer switch are priced at $ 19.99 (about $ 137). One motion sensor kit and one Tradfri smart light bulb are priced at $ 25 (about $ 172). After adding DeviceKit compatibility to the device, a gateway controller is required to connect the iOS device to the Tradfri smart lighting system, while a gateway controller is priced at $ 30 ($ 206). A single Tradfri smart light is priced at $ 11.99 ($ 82).

In the smart bulb market, IKEA can now be said to have accounted for their own chassis, and the whole platform support will undoubtedly enhance its competitiveness, but IKEA only white light bulbs, including E12, E26, GU10 and other interfaces of the standard white LED Light bulbs and dimmable LED bulbs, and in October this year, IKEA will expand its product lineup, adding new discolored intelligent light bulbs.

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