As the production process of led downlight is very simple, the assembly of artificial efficiency, low labor costs and 120-degree angle light.
As a home decoration use, a living room fitted with 8-12 pcs led downlight is sufficient.
If you don't buy low-end downlight, basically as the family daily using, it is much more energy saving than other light.
After all, a living room lights, are now dual power supply, power in more than 150W, while the downlights, also installed on 36W 12, but the overall brightness is better than living room lights too much.
6 inch led downlight
LED downlight, the light source is the most acceptable, that is not so dazzling as spotlights and COB light. Also 120 degree angle of light, for home decoration using, it can be used as the second main lighting. Living room lights Bedroom lights are basically idle, because the brightness fully meet the daily use.

LED downlight is the next 10 years can not be eliminated products, but also businesses compete for a product!

led recessed downlight

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