Recently, Dyson in the domestic release of up to 144,000 hours of CSYS LED lamp, the lamp is the first application of the "water-cooled" technology of home LED lights products.

    LEDs are theoretically long-lived, but in the absence of effective cooling, their efficacy may drop over time, resulting in inefficient lighting and loss of brightness.

    Johnson Research Director Jake Dyson uses heat pipe technology to cool the LEDs.

The Dyson CSYS lighting has a vacuum-sealed copper tube that pushes the horizontal lighthouse. Each sealed copper tube with a drop of water. After turning on the lights, the heat generated by the LED makes the water inside the tube into steam, under the action of the pressure difference, the steam began to move along the tube. Once the steam reaches the cooling zone of the brass, it will re-condense back to the water, so that heat dissipation. Then, the water is sucked back to the LED direction, the LED cooling cycle then start again.

LED tube with heat pipe technology, intensive placement of 8 high-power LED, only 8 mm away from each other. Cone shade design, each LED lamp beads firmly positioned to effectively reduce the glare. Dyson CSYS lighting can output 648 lux in 1 square meter of light.

Dyson CSYS lighting with 3 Axis Glide? Three-axis positioning design, the lamp can be along the low friction bearing vertical and horizontal movement, zinc alloy counterweight base for 360 ° smooth rotation.

In addition, the product also supports stepless dimming, automatic brightness memory settings. Products are floor and desktop two styles.

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