OSRAM professional lighting system solutions in the Asia-Pacific region held a new product promotion roadshow activities in the release of a new brilliant LED flood light series. With OSRAM's industry-leading technology, the brilliant series has a better energy-saving performance, better reliability, longer service life and more professional lighting experience than traditional floodlights, building facade lighting, general flood lighting, Regional lighting and billboard lighting.

Led spotlight

OSRAM in the modern design of the latest breakthrough for the brilliant series of products to add a key competitive advantage. The luminous efficiency of the product up to 130lm / W, can be more excellent brightness and uniformity, really replace the traditional 100W, 250W and 400W high pressure sodium lamp. The new LED flood light has a 50,000 hours of use and strict dust and water protection IP66 protection level, especially for building facades, roof billboards and other difficult to reach the area. In addition, the brilliant series or similar products in the lightest quality LED flood light, its weight close to the traditional cast light lamps.

Led light housing

Compared with the traditional lamps with fragile filament, the brilliant series of products with a solid aluminum alloy shell with a special optical design, the temperature changes are very high tolerance, in a variety of weather conditions to maintain stable operation.

OSRAM brilliant LED cast light products will soon be available for sale in the Asia-Pacific region, sales countries including China, Singapore, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

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