Global lighting leader Philips Lighting announced that it will launch a unique interconnection LED road lighting project. Philips Lighting will install intelligent interconnected LED road lighting systems in the picturesque Dutch island of Amerland and use Philips ClearSky Spectroscopy to protect migratory living conditions. The newly installed lighting facility can save energy, reduce light pollution and help Amerang Island achieve its sustainable development goals. The project is also Philips Lighting for sustainable development to make another major achievement.


  The newly deployed road lighting system on the island uses Philips ClearSky technology to emit shallow blue-green light. The light in the human nighttime activities required to provide lighting at the same time, will not affect the lives of birds and nocturnal animals.

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  Ordinary white light will affect the direction of the bird organs, so that they lose direction. And Philips ClearSky technology will not have an impact on the biological system of birds, so that they can safely reach the habitat,


  In residential areas, Philips LED road lighting system with Philips CityTouch lighting management system for wireless connection. Through the system to remotely monitor the various lighting points, while reducing maintenance costs, but also save up to 70% of energy consumption. At the seashore, Philips Lighting uses ClearSky lighting technology to operate with the Philips LumiMotion Human Body Motion Sensor sensor. The lighting system automatically dims the light to the light moonlight when no human activity is detected, protecting the dark environment and relieving the adverse effects of man-made lighting on poultry, herbivores and migratory birds. ,


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