Small size, the use of complex fancy chandeliers easily in the visual pull down the high level; Good-looking European chandelier is difficult to clean care, more trouble; Ceiling light illumination is not enough to do fine work at night have to add lamp... ...

May wish to home living room, restaurant, aisle, hall lighting are to the spotlights, power, easy to clean, easy care, good maintenance, long life, brightness is enough. Clever use of spotlights, will find it more than chandeliers, ceiling lamps and other single light source more advantages.

A: spotlight can completely replace the chandelier, ceiling lamp

In many of the old-fashioned renovation of the family, spotlights are only auxiliary light source of ceiling or chandelier, dazzling, high temperature, reflective, are not real use of the decoration. "This is a lot of owners of the spotlights of the cognitive errors, there are some old-fashioned lighting did not deal with the optical part of the light, causing the user's troubles, but many families with modern design of the spotlights completely replace the chandeliers, ceiling lamps , This has become a trend.

Spotlight light directivity, no lighting dead, light down, the ceiling hidden in the dark, can enhance the height of the visual. Reporters in the home store to see the spotlight angle of light (beam angle) also have a lot of options, there are 15, 30, 45, 60, beam angle is small, will show the condenser effect, concentrating hard, suitable for lighting specific items , Such as home collection of ornaments; there are 120, 180 choice, beam angle, it will show astigmatism effect, astigmatism soft, mainly for lighting.

B: How to pick the right spotlights

Common spotlights non-LED lights are none other than. Compared to incandescent, fluorescent, energy-saving lamps, LED light photoelectric conversion rate is higher, the same brightness LED lights more power. According to the calculation data show that LED lamp power consumption is only 1 / 3-1 / 4 of energy-saving lamps, compared to incandescent lamp power higher. Use LED lights, you can also design a lot of beautiful shape. In the LED lights, there is a COB lights, not only in the process than the traditional lights more improved, the most critical is the use of experience has improved greatly, near the time, the bulb is not clear dazzling photoelectric, but light uniform, No ghosting.

In the purchase of spotlights, consumers need to personally experience, whether there is glare after turning on the lights. Insiders said the spotlight strong, optical refraction may be glare into the eyes, long time easy to use glare, dizziness. If the fixture manufacturer is handling it well in the optics section, glare is completely avoidable.

In addition, poor quality LED lights, blue light filter is easy to damage the visual acuity; and high-quality brand lamps will indicate product parameters, including color temperature, luminous flux (brightness), color rendering index, light angle, these are very important indicators to facilitate the consumer Buy.

In addition to LED lights, the traditional spotlights can also use halogen lamps, which is the old fashion in the lighting of the mainstream products, light principle is similar to incandescent, in the older owners of high awareness This light color is good, cheap, the market is still recognized by many consumers.

C: Lighting installation method

Spotlight installation methods are diverse, different indoor functional areas for different installation methods.

Install the spotlights, that is, do not install the ceiling can be installed spotlights, entrance hall entrance, the top of the bathroom corridor, above the table, more suitable for installation of bright lights.

Dark mounted lanterns are installed in the ceiling of the spotlight, from the outside, the spotlights directly embedded in the chandelier, this method is suitable for installation in the living room, a higher degree of beauty. Hua Yu decorative water circuit construction master Mr. Wang said: "Before the hanging at every turn on the 10 cm thick, eat a large part of the high, many families are hesitant to do the ceiling, but now LED lighting ceiling can be done Very thin, 5-7 cm can be used to achieve the use of pure lighting, so the young owners are more receptive to this spotlight installation method.

But need to pay attention to is that the living room ceiling after the dark spotlights, need to ensure uniform distribution, so as to illuminate every corner of the house, rather than the ceiling, chandeliers make the room like a dead end.

Philips spotlights sales staff told reporters: "If it is 10 square meters of the living room, 6-8 light spot enough to illuminate the house full of transparent.If it is more than 20 square meters of living room, according to the size of the living room layout shot The number of lights and the location, to achieve a satisfactory lighting effect.

If you do not intend to ceiling, in the living room to install the spotlights can choose the track spotlights, the track can be conductive, the lamp head buckle to the track can be lighting, the lamp position can be arbitrarily changed on the light rail to facilitate future fill lights, , For lights. This kind of track spotlight suitable for living room and dining room, as well as table, bar, desk and other areas need additional focus on lighting, installation, along the gypsum line on both sides of the wall layout of a conductive track, not only can play a lighting effect, but also Can illuminate the coffee table, side a few, the walls of the plants, decorations and so on. In a functional area to take a back to the orbit, lighting without dead ends. Installation, the need to advance in the transformation of water and electricity when the wire bit, and all the location of the need to set the spotlight in advance to facilitate future construction.

If it is the old room living room modified spotlights, you can directly replace the ceiling or chandelier. Installation, in the original chandelier interface to install a base with a multi-head lamp, it can be replaced. Spotlights can be directly inserted in the original ceiling lamp lights, the number of lamps can be adjusted according to the needs of lighting. If it is in the old bedroom bedroom modified spotlights, remember to direct the lamp head to the bed or bed, through the reflective to illuminate the space, so light is not glare.

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