In the restaurant design section, the designer through the dining room light environment analysis, from natural light and artificial light in the dining space of different use, to create a good dining environment dining environment, creating a rich and harmonious dining environment.

1. In the Chinese restaurant
  Chinese restaurant lighting methods include: general lighting, mixed lighting and local lighting in three ways.
General lighting, the indoor lighting of the restaurant as a whole, regardless of local lighting, so that dining environment and dining table illumination roughly uniform illumination. This is a simple style, customer base is relatively popular restaurant often use the lighting.
Hybrid lighting, that is, by the illumination of the general lighting and uniform for the dining surface of the local lighting combined form of lighting. This lighting is a strong sense of hierarchy, and the formation of a table only belong to the guests of the light space, often used in high-end restaurant lighting design.
The traditional Chinese restaurant interior light environment design are relatively bright, illumination is relatively high (usually between 60-2001x), in order to foil a warm, magnificent atmosphere. Chinese restaurant lighting design should be allowed to uniform illumination, try to avoid the strong contrast of brightness.

2.In Western restaurant
  Relative to the bright and transparent Chinese restaurant, restaurant on the privacy of the higher requirements, the overall style of lighting is more gentle, through the strengthening of the local highlight the elegant and romantic atmosphere.
Restaurant lobby generally can not take more of the astigmatism, because too many light sources will make the table too eye-catching, even in the lobby dining customers, do not want their own table to become the focus of attention in order to enable customers to fill Private dining environment, the lobby of the lights must not be too scattered.
In contrast, when the customer unintentionally scanned the surrounding environment, in a prominent place to highlight the characteristics of space to set the light source. Customers want to feel "cool handsome" feeling, need to use a narrow halogen lamp to contrast sharp, sharp atmosphere, and when customers want to feel "soft" feeling, you need to use indirect lighting, with the spatial impression , Adjust the number of light sources.

led recessed downlight

3.In themed restaurant
  Theme restaurants in recent years by the catering owners and customers of all ages. Use a space to explain the culture and the theme needs more light to contrast. Theme restaurant light source design will be based on the theme of the restaurant to set, but the sense of hierarchy will be very strong. Such as the water Miki Junction, belonging to the Southeast Asian-style Teppanyaki restaurant, restaurant in addition to green plants, bar, entrance, table light brighter than other places, the light is weaker, this design can create a natural environment The feeling of dining, very mood.

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