led surface amount downlight has become the world's best-selling lighting products in recent years, more and more indoor lighting are more popular in the selection does not require opening of the outfit downlights. 
But compared to other lighting, the outfit downlight can only say that is a very small part of the market share.

led surface amount downlight

Led surface amount downlight advantages:
1, energy saving.
White LED energy consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent, energy-saving lamps. 
Long lifespan: can be more than 100,000 hours.

2, can work in high frequency state.
Energy-saving lamps, if the frequent start-up or turn off the filament will be black quickly damaged;

3, solid state packaging, cold light type.
The Led surface amount downlight is easy to transport and install, can be installed in any miniature and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, the main consideration is the heat.

4, cheap price.
LED lighting technology is progressing with each passing day, its luminous efficiency is making a surprising breakthrough, the price is constantly reduced. A white LED lighting into the family era is rapidly coming.

led surface amount downlight

5, environmental protection.
Led surface amount downlight does not contain mercury (Hg) and other environmentally harmful substances, will not cause damage to the environment.
LED light assembly components can be very easy to disassemble, do not have recycling manufacturers can be recovered through other people.
LED does not contain infrared, UV, so do not move insects.

6, fast response.
LED fast response, the complete elimination of the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp long-term shortcomings of the process.
led surface amount downlight
Led surface amount downlight application:
    More and more offices and even families are using the led surface amount downlight . Because led surface amount downlight are knowed and welcomedfor as indoor lighting applicability by more and more people.

led surface amount downlight with some other lamps can not match or even other LED lamps can not match the applicability of indoor lighting LED downlight does not take up indoor space, indoor installation of LED downlight, because the secrecy of the lamp, not The use of the feeling of oppression, on the contrary will have a warm effect.
    Therefore, the home improvement can choose to install multi-lamp, reduce the pressure of space. 

And many sales staff know how to do energy-saving lamps sales, will know in the hotel, family, cafe, shopping malls led surface amount downlight usage will be more.

led downlight

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