As a lighting and ceiling fan perfect combination of lighting, fan lights not only has a high practicality, with the development of technology, its decorative is getting better and better, especially as in the hot summer, fan lights is the most Popular welcome.



1. The current emphasis on energy-saving concept of environmental protection, compared to high power consumption of air conditioning, fan lamp power is low, low power consumption, the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees when the use of fan lights can achieve the effect of cooling heat, so practical Sex higher than the general lighting.

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2. In order to meet the diverse needs of modern consumer demand, the fan lights in the appearance of a lot of improvements, the color from a single to the colorful, style from the ordinary cas to the European classical, French romantic, fresh pastoral, modern simple, etc., from simple The development of lighting tools for lighting and the combination of art, in the modern impetuous city, give us a fresh and comfortable home.


3. As the decorative fan made of high-quality silicon steel made of the motor so the noise generated by the motor than the ordinary ceiling fan is much quieter, and also use wooden leaves so it is more secure.

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1. Selectivity, the market a variety of fan lights, the quality is uneven. In the wind there are big and small, the noise is also on the one hand, the key is to choose good quality, wind, quiet ceiling fan lights.


2. Install, install the fan lights should not do chandeliers, otherwise it will make the space look depressed, if the room pattern is high, then it does not matter.

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3. Light, the fan lights in the evening may be slightly dazzling situation, so be sure to choose a good energy-saving lamps or LED lights.

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