LED human body sensor lamp is developed on the basis of the traditional separated 

corridor body sensor lamp, combined with the corridor lamp body sensing function and LED light source energy saving, high brightness, environmental protection, long life advantages. With super energy-saving, intelligent control, light source and control module integration and other characteristics, completely replace the traditional corridor body sensor lights, corridor sound and light control and touch switch lights.

infrared sensor bulb   

   LED body sensor lamp works can be mainly from the following sections to illustrate:

LED body sensor lamp is the use of people generated by the thermal infrared radiation. Using the human body sensing element of the lamp cap part, a circular 
Fresnel filter is adopted to focus the thermal infrared ray on the surface of the sensing element to generate an electrical signal. After the signal processing module, the delay switch module and the light sensor module, Detection value of the human body sensor lights are turned on and off. In the built-in three modules in the thermal sensor module is responsible for detecting human thermal infrared, delay switch module is responsible for dealing with the duration of light, light sensor module is responsible for detecting the strength of light.

  In the daytime or light strong light environment, the light sensor module to detect the value of the electrical signal will be the whole lamp control in the locked state, even if some people through its LED body sensor lights will not turn on the lights. 

  In the dark or night, the light sensor module will be based on the measured luminous efficiency, will open the sensor lights in a standby state, while the human body infrared thermal sensor module is also activated.

  If the human body infrared heat sensor module senses the human body in its scope of activity, will produce the electrical signal, the signal prompts the time delay switch module will turn on the lamp, the LED lamp beacon power, delay switch has a 60 seconds or less settings Value, if people continue to be within the scope of induction, LED body sensor light is always bright, when people leave, the body sensor module does not detect the human body infrared, there is no signal to the delay switch, in 60 seconds or so , LED body sensor lights will automatically turn off. At this time, each module is on standby, waiting for the next work cycle.

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   Based on the working principle of infrared human body design and development of LED human body sensor lights, in the use of the most intuitive function is:

First, the white light or strong light is not bright.

Second, the night light is dark, the lights on standby.

Third, in the standby state, when the human body into the induction range, LED human 

body sensor lights open.

Forth. If the person within its scope of activities, the light is always bright.
Fifth, when people leave, LED body sensor lights will automatically shut down within 60 seconds.


So intelligent lighting, to bring the benefits of people to light, people go out the lights. Following the LED light source has mature application, the LED as a light 

source, with the human body sensor device, the design of the LED body sensor lights, an increase of green energy-saving features of this powerful.

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