The past two years, intelligent sweeping the world, almost all walks of life are in the direction of intelligent development, lighting is no exception. So, the traditional lighting products really can not meet your needs yet? Light bulb in the end to smart? How intelligent lighting can really have a market?

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With this question, we may wish to first understand the current number of so-called intelligent light bulb function, which is essentially different from traditional lighting, what are the differences in their use, perhaps the "smart light bulb" you heard this product, but Life has not purchased more than the user, let us first familiarize ourselves with.
The so-called intelligent light bulbs almost can not afford to get rid of this smart phone carrier, "product + mobile phone" application mode has become almost the current standard, by mobile phone users can adjust the brightness of the lamp, color and switch, so even in bed You can turn off the lighting of other rooms, the application is still very convenient.

Smart light bulbs should have what function?
Well, since the phone as a smart light bulb switch is not convenient, then what function with the light bulb can be called intelligent light bulb? For the bulb of intelligence, there is no relevant national standards, so the light bulb-like intelligent products and there is no clear division, for example, with what functions are considered intelligent light bulbs and so on. But by some of the current in the sale or participate in the crowd of the bulb, through the phone control, adjust the light and shade / color, mode settings (such as reading or night light mode) and other functions, some light bulbs can even simulate the user's life Habits, so that thieves mistakenly believe that the home is still someone.

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Of course, although the sale of the smart light bulb of different categories, but the function is basically the same, the current concern by the user is more for the light bulb adjustment, bad consumer feedback, lamp night light mode more practical, so convenient home Baby users, at night to open the night light mode, allowing the baby to sleep peace of mind.
There are users like to create some romantic atmosphere, and the color change of the smart light bulb no doubt provide consumers with the possibility of thousands of colors want to change, but in daily life, it is recommended that you choose the normal light color, after all, with color Of the light bulb, the issue of light in the field of vision is not very clear.

What are the functions of intelligent light bulbs?
In addition to some of the above conventional configuration, the current smart light bulb what functions? In the rapid development of intelligent today, "cross-border" will undoubtedly become another hot intelligent, smart light bulbs in the same column.
Smart light bulb is more cross-border and the combination of speakers, light bulb colors can change with the tone of music, so that home 1 second transfiguration KTV, usually friends to provide fun, but the same function is only part of the user's Choice, not all consumers will use.

All in all, smart light bulb products for different home users have different feelings

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