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Today, let's talk the effects of led lights flashing.

1. The impact on the human body:

Will produce strain fatigue, blurred vision, and traditional headaches;

Will lead to the onset of photosensitive epilepsy;

Increased repetition among autistic children.

2. Impact on production workers

Workers who require vision and vision will lead to a decline in performance;

Workers who use or touch rotating machinery will have the effect of slowing down, stalling,or 

even reversing, which can lead to work accidents.

3. the impact on the athletes

On the table tennis badminton and other high-speed movement of athletes, because every 1/100 seconds there will be 2ms dark, this light flash often lead to the direction of the ball to determine the mistakes and other issues.

4. The impact of literary photography

Will leave a fringe on the photo.

Long exposure lens shot when shooting will produce strange face.

5. The impact of video, television, film production

The flicker of light has a bad effect on the quality of the film and television drama, ghosting and interference fringes, so that can not play.

6. The impact of security, security system

Because the camera's camera moment may be just in the dark light when this time it is possible to shoot all black images, that is, lose a complete frame. If this frame happens to be the moment of the mob's attack, then it lost an important evidence.

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