Since the world's first subway has been built in London in 1863, has been nearly a half century history. In the rail transit gradually network today, the subway has not only a simple means of transport, it is more reflected in a city behind the background.

  As people meet the traffic and spiritual comfort needs of the continuous improvement of monotonous, indifferent subway station design is outdated. In line with the economic, reasonable and practical premise, but also highlight the subway design of the basic physiological needs of people to meet.

  Station interior environment color to bright, harmonious, local use of some bright colors can inspire the spirit, breaking the dull atmosphere, dark psychological bias.
   Not only that, the subway station decoration material is also reflected from the light, the material refraction and against the light, forming a beautiful visual picture, so that the material to form a rich interior space.

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   In order to reduce the negative feeling of people in the underground space dull, the station environment should be light and bright overall tone is better. According to the decorative shape needs, some of the small area may be applied to show the theme of colorful decoration. Of course, the color display is also directly related to the selection of decorative materials, ceramic tile and plastic panel color selection range are more flexible.
Subway station lighting design is usually the use of illumination changes, the type of light and the location of the distribution, and the relationship between indirect light and direct light and so on to deal with the atmosphere to reflect the atmosphere, to highlight the station's personality. In the case of a lamp arrangement, a lighting effect is formed by a combination with a building member, and sometimes a specific effect is formed by a combination of the lamps themselves, and sometimes the decorative effect of the lamp itself is highlighted.

  Subway station, lighting and lighting changes in the way the visual impact is quite prominent, especially the shape of the lamp is even more so.
Subway station lighting from the principle of energy conservation considerations, the current should use LED lighting as the main light, the current LED light source, in the light color and color rendering index can meet the good use requirements, for example, by the color temperature in 2000-3000K Left and right to adapt to the color temperature of the light source.
Lamps are arranged with the overall ambient lighting and the necessary local lighting or key lighting classification, can also be used to choose the color of the light source, the lighting is not significant monotonous.

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