It is a terrible news for led industry---PVC price increases 60%, glass prices  increases 40%, plastic prices  increases 30%, aluminum prices  increases 30%, iron prices increases 30% , carton prices increases 30%, stainless steel soaring increases 40%, freight prices increases 35%. But how to solve the problem about the increase price?

1. Protection of supply

Because of the price increase, the buyer is not accepted the price. but we can provide good service. when we have a order, we can use our skills of negotiating,catching the customer. And guarantee the supply time and the quality of the goods.

2. Looking for large order customers

When we have a big order, we only have the power to negotiate with the raw material suppliers about the price. Then we can decline the cost and obtain more benefit.

3. Adjust the purchase time

As we all know, in a year sometimes we will be very busy sometimes not, we can buying less raw materials as reserves in the slack season.

Be brave and cofident to face this price crisis!


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