Intelligent lighting system features:
1, the use of wireless network of distributed structure, set microcomputer control, wireless remote control RF technology in one.
Light control device (switch) using digital LCD touch screen, you can independently control the light can also be controlled by the wireless remote control.

2, the product of wireless intelligent lighting system with a variety of bus system, power carrier system.
Compared with the design is simple, easy installation, easy maintenance, wireless networking also eliminates the cloth network and other equipment and labor costs 
The Distributed structure determines the system network flexibility, the advantages of low cost.

3, Compared with the traditional lighting, it can achieve touch screen dimming, a key scene, one-on-one remote control and partition lights full open and close management.
To achieve wireless remote control, timing control, remote control distance greater than 50 meters, Walls and floors, touch screen normal service life of more than 300,000 times.

4,Gently press the remote control, you can sit on the sofa to control all the lights at home and free to adjust the brightness, guest, dining, audio-visual, leisure, entertainment arbitrary set up a variety of scenes, Enjoy a quality of life.

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The main function of the intelligent lighting system
1, the intelligent system has a central monitoring device, the central system to monitor the entire system in order to adjust the lighting at any time on-site effects, such as the system set the lights program mode/
 computer screen simulation lighting arrangements, The turn-on mode and on / off status.
2, with abnormal lighting and automatic protection of the function;
3, with the lamp start time, cumulative records, and lamp life of the statistical function;
4, in the case of power failure, with dual power cabinet automatically switch and start the emergency lighting group function;
5, The system is equipped with automatic / manual transfer switch, so that when necessary, the lights on the opening and closing of the manual operation.
6, the system set up with other systems connected to the interface, such as building building automation system (BA system), to improve the level of integrated management.
7, with the scene preset, brightness adjustment, timing, timing control and soft start, soft off function. With the further development and improvement of intelligent systems, its function will be further enhanced.
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