Compared with the previous incandescent and energy-saving lamps, LED lamps can be described as a lot of advantages, its use of longer life, but also more energy saving.
In addition to see the parameters of the lamp (wattage, life, color temperature), but also should pay attention to meet the following three functional requirements:

1, the function of lighting.
Color temperature is different, the impact of light effects are also different. In general, the color temperature is greater than 5000k for the cold light, color temperature between 3000-5000K for the warm white, color temperature is less than 3000K is warm. Home lighting is generally used for warm light, because the warm reminiscent of fireplaces and fire, it is warm and peaceful.

2, eye function.
Stroboscopic damage to the eyes of a huge, especially in the light of a long time to study and study people, need attention.
In addition, the LED, i.e., the light emitting diode, is made of a thin layer of a semiconductor material, and the emitted light contains blue light. And eye contact with blue light, will cause damage to the retina. Therefore, choose a eye protection lamps, very important.

Downlight LED

3, decorative function. With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, lighting design more and more people's attention. Application of a variety of different lamps, through the lighting design and careful layout, so that lighting effects show a sense of hierarchy and diversification, the formation of the intangible ornaments in the home. In this way, can greatly enhance the taste and comfort of the home environment

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