OLED (organic light-emitting display) of the screen is a current through the light when the organic material can be composed. As a result of the removal of the backlight, OLED screen performance is more superior than other competing products.

OLED Advantages:

1, OLED televisions are able to provide higher density of pixels and sharper images, which means that OLED screens can display three-dimensional images without sacrificing images at the expense of most other televisions. In the OLED TV to enjoy the natural scenery when the video is like a window, rather than watch a glowing box.

2, OLED display can artificially create all the natural colors.

OLED screen contrast is almost unlimited, so watch the Blu-ray disc "Dark Knight" when the screen does not appear color aliasing or black spots. OLED also overcome the problem of dynamic blur, usually in the LCD device will see when the characters quickly flashed on the screen when the annoying, terrible ghosts.

OLED Screen

3, OLED screens not only make televisions lighter and thinner, but also free to bend.

OLED disadvantage:

OLED TV has no quotes, you can imagine it will be about twice the price of LCD HDTV

Can not use this kind of TV in outdoor or light room, because too strong light will cover or dilute the TV image. Also, long-term exposure to ultraviolet light will be a substantial damage to organic elements, the formation of necrotic spots, resulting in regret the result is no longer worth the second-hand car.

You may have heard that OLED screens are less environmentally friendly environmentally friendly products, but that's not the case. The OLE screen consumes only 40% of the LCD when the image is black, but the power consumption of the OLD screen is normal when the image has a white background (Windows desktop, web page, TV drama burner MD) three times.

OLED Screen 1

The market is different for the new OLED TV. Although it has achieved unrivaled picture quality, OLED TV has not been able to use. Even if the participation in the development of Sony in the technology is not mature before the only focus on the LCD LED screen.

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