1, monochrome of car LED is good and colorful. 
Color saturation of 130% full color, so that the light is more clear and soft.

2, long life, good shock resistance. 
Car LED is a semiconductor component, and incandescent different, no glass, tungsten and other vulnerable parts, the fault is very low, you can avoid maintenance.

3, Short response time, only 60 nanoseconds, especially suitable for automotive light source for the driver to win a valuable time to reduce the accident.

4, High efficiency, low energy consumption. 
Car LED light source does not need to filter can directly produce automotive lighting needs red, amber and other colors, no loss, power utilization up to 80% or more.

Car led light1

5, Small size, light weight .
The use of its characteristics can be designed and thin, light, and compact variety of styles of lamps, to provide space for automotive design.

6, Green lighting source. 
Car LED spectral monochromatic good, no excess infrared, ultraviolet and other spectra, mercury-free substances, heat, radiation rarely.

7, A single LED luminous flux is small. 
At present, a single LED luminous flux research level of up to 120lm / W, product level ≤ 60lm / W, and high-power LED is often to increase the size of the radiator, so LED light source LED array design method.

8, Flat light, strong direction. 
It is different from the point light incandescent lamp, depending on the angle of ≤ 180 °, the design must pay attention to the use of LED light source has a different viewing angle and can not be greater than 180 ° this feature.

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