1, ceiling openings

Household downlight cut hole is 2-inch, 2.5-inch, 3-inch ,the larger the size of the hole, the overall height of the overall height of the downlight, the greater the requirements of the depth of the ceiling.
In general, the full length of the downlight after the extension of 10 cm to 13 cm between the ceiling, so the depth of the installation ceiling ceiling ceiling generally above 13 cm, if the ceiling is too shallow, you can consider the installation of ceiling light or horizontal Downlight.
While the ceiling light installation ceiling as long as 6 to 8 cm.

2, light source

led downlight

3, light efficiency requirements

4, the price
From the price point of view the same grade, spotlights to be more expensive.
Downlight has horizontal and vertical insert two, horizontal insert price than the vertical insert a little expensive (but also the same material).

5, the risk 
Generally speaking, the lamp is more safe than the spotlights, the general spotlights can not be used for close exposure of wool fabric, can not be close to flammable obstacles, or easy to cause a fire, downlight will not have too much this The consideration.

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