Performing arts as a combination of time and space art, require a space to maintain the relationship.
Stage artists in the transcendence of time and space constitute a sound, light, color and other multi-dimensional factors of visual and auditory creative space, and with the time, as well as the plot, the scene and the continuation of the development.

1,In the limited space express infinite space
There is a huge change in the space effect in the performance.
Real space and virtual space performance: the specific stage space and the special stage of the form of speech voice: dialogue: monologue and so on.
The actual space environment to transform and expand, or to exaggerate or to reduce the description.

2, the stage lighting changes the way
(1) to change the plot is the opportunity of space changes.
(2) to identify the dialogue is the opportunity to change the lights
(3) to determine the act is the opportunity to change the action lights
(4) to music or sound effects to determine the lighting changes opportunity.
(5) to determine the opportunity to change the light time

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The four elements of stage lighting:
(1) the main light: the theme and point of view need to determine the main light direction, the main light stronger than other light, the use of spotlight and other hard light lighting.
(2) auxiliary light: the main light is the auxiliary and supplement, from the role of modification. The soft light illuminates the simulated light of the natural environment.
(3) backlight: the main light on the basis of light, can be stronger than the main light can also be lower than the main light, can also be lower than the main light and stronger than the auxiliary light, from the decorative modeling role.
Light ratio: the proportion of light and shade of each body. According to the creative needs of light than to adjust, so as to obtain the desired results.

Stage lighting design need to note:
According to the characteristics of the performance scene and the theater studio and other performances found in the use of objective conditions can be lighting design.
(1) theater, studio and other performance space situation
(2) space environment "survey to understand the theater, measure the drawing or request the performance of the environment of the floor plan, elevation map data, the theater too pull the height, width, stage depth of the data and scale units.
(3) Equipment status: the number of boom length, arrangement spacing, sequence number, plane position, etc.
(4) electricity load: the rated load capacity of the trunk line, the rated load capacity of the feeder circuit.

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