LED lighting consumes less energy, which means less resources. And it reduces energy efficiency in power generation and environmental pollution that caused by power generation.

According to information, The average mercury release rate is 0.152mg/kg, and if the constant amount of groundwater per mg of mercury is 20 tons, the production of electricity at a time will result in 3 tons of groundwater pollution. Similarly, the carbon dioxide emission constant is 0.997kg / kwh, which means that every consumption of electricity, will be emissions of 0.997kg of carbon dioxide, each thousand electrical equivalent of 71 adult cedar annual absorption of carbon dioxide.
Secondly, compared to the traditional light source, LED contains less harmful substances. Most of the traditional light source contains a large number of gaseous hazardous substances, light source damage will be dangerous, when dealing with the damage will occur. LED contains only a small amount of solid material, to avoid damage to our damage, when the recovery is also very easy to separate treatment.
Led lighting will be more and more popular in market.


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