In recent years, due to the fierce price competition, products in the traditional areas to promote the profits are diluted, LED lighting business difficult, "fought" new areas have become the desire of enterprises. On the other hand, the domestic auto sales market fiery unabated, so that enterprises see the LED lighting after the era of the new direction.


  Because of the combination of electronic components with the electronic components of the car structure, the technical content is high. The general downstream lighting production enterprises are discouraged by the technical strength, but this is a golden opportunity for the upper reaches of enterprises with technical strength. On the one hand, companies can use the vast market of automotive sales for their own huge profits at the same time, polish their own piece of "gold signs"; the other hand, through the manufacture of the whole car lighting, the middle reaches of the enterprise can join the downstream Enterprises to participate in the production of the entire product chain, but also to their own industry to establish a benchmark.

Led car lighting


  From a technical point of view, the automotive lighting by a number of domestic strength LED lighting business attention, is the popularity of intelligent in the field of lighting, and automotive lighting is intelligent need to enter the field. In the past, car lighting is limited to non-functional lighting. In recent years, the lights embedded in the intelligent system, you can control the irradiation distance, exposure range and response speed, a number of individually launched LED point light source collection, each LED light source are individually controlled, and can adjust each light element The distance, the direction, and even the light and dark. At the same time, you can also adjust the ability to bring the radar to identify the opposite to the car, you can automatically adjust the scope of the light, to avoid the opposite vehicle; In addition, when the speed increases, the lights will automatically increase the lighting distance, Brightness, protection of night driving safety.


  Because of this, the wisdom and the lights hit it off, light only with the car manufacturers will be more closely integrated, you can get more market and industry income.

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