Deep UV LED will change the application of human sterilization technology and bringing a new clean environment.

  Deep ultraviolet light, especially the wavelength of 265 nm (nm) deep ultraviolet light, due to easy to destroy the genetic components of bacterial DNA, so that the loss of reproductive capacity of bacteria, to the physical sterilization is one of the important ways.

  In the past years, deep ultraviolet light was widely used in laboratories, high-end medical facilities, and specific factories, but it is difficult to popularize. This is because the mercury lamp technology system of deep ultraviolet light, table lamp size needs more than 100V starting voltage, 30 minutes warm up, the service life of about 3,000 to 5,000 hours, power consumption fierce, slow life with short life, not suitable for use as home appliances.

  However, deep UV LED is different, each deep UV LED chip size is less than 1 cm, starting voltage of 5 ~ 7V, warm-up time of 0 seconds, the service life of more than 10,000 hours, which is quite easy to use.

  At present, the most effective use of deep ultraviolet light is to replace the chlorine or ozone and other chemical ways of water purification technology, the last deep ultraviolet mercury lamp with mercury is a serious toxic substances, it can not be used in public water use; and deep ultraviolet Light LED light source without mercury, as long as the output power to solve the problem, to provide sufficient intensity of deep ultraviolet light, can be used in drinking water cleaning purposes.

  With the development of science and technology, deep ultraviolet will be more and more widely used, perhaps this is a business opportunity in front of you.

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