People usually select hotel based on the hotel's appearance, comfort, equipment, location, stars and prices. a
Lighting is a very important factor in the hotel, how to use light for specialized lighting design and creating a high pressure business hotel?

Hotel Appearance

From the distance will be able to attract potential customers is the basic requirements of the hotel. So the image of the hotel will give customers the general visual information, facade lighting is the future of the guests issued by the card.

Yunsun suggests:
Hotel facade lighting can use spotlights or floodlights, installed in the wall bracket or high pole. but the structure to withstand the rain and sun aging lamps can create a more intimate atmosphere. Also it can provide safe lighting for road and steps.

led light hotel

Hotel Lobby
The environment of these areas is extremely important to reflect hotel impression. Comfortable lighting environment to create a good condition for customers, and make them feel at home.
Entrance and lobby must reflect the atmosphere that welcome guest. Using locality, focused lighting and warm colors to help create a hospitable atmosphere.

Yunsun suggests:
According to the height of the lobby, using crystal chandeliers and downlights. the main colors for the warm color. To create a magnificent and warm atmosphere.
Increase the front desk illumination, attract visitors.
Recommending anti-glare downlight.

hotel hall

The hotel rooms are characterized by exquisite decorations and additional amenities to produce a comfortable feel. Lights should be in a beautiful and comfortable manner for the room to provide high-quality light environment.

Yunsun suggests:
Room lights can be used to ceiling and wall lamps, with a shade of the bedside lamp to light. Lamps >Ra80, color temperature 2700K.
The general light in the bathroom is usually combined with the mirror light.
Mirror lighting request high CRI, to ensure high quality room space. 
While the bathroom, need to install moisture-proof lamps, because the bathroom misty heavier.

hotel room

The restaurant lighting design is a relatively integrated process, to correctly handle the bright and dark, light and shadow, real and virtual relationship. Design a comfortable light environment, to mobilize the aesthetic psychology of diners, so as to achieve the beauty of the United States and the unity of the environment.

Yunsun suggested: 
You can focus on lighting to enhance the overall lighting environment, or even consider the use of light to divide each area, but the table must have enough light on the table to meet the basic needs of customers dining. 
hotel dinner room

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