LED lighting products have broad market prospects, especially in the lighting field. Currently used in lighting the field of LED products are more, such as LED guardrail lights, LED Caoping Deng, LED spotlights, LED underwater lights, LED buried lights and so on. Although we are more understanding of LED light source with energy saving, long life, no radiation (environmental light source) and other advantages, but with LED products related to several key issues also need attention. :

First, the use of DC constant current power supply
LED products to use a dedicated switching power supply (constant current source) to the LED product power supply this will not affect the product life, but the product cost is relatively high.

Second, to do anti-static measures
Different quality standards of LED products, anti-static aspects of the capacity are not the same, so LED products in the processing of the production process to adopt a certain anti-static measures. Especially the green LED, which is relatively easier to be damaged by static electricity.

AC85-265V 100LmW CRI80 COB Dimmable LED bulb light 5W E14 (2)

Third, the temperature will make LED internal resistance smaller
When the ambient temperature increases, LED light source resistance will be reduced, the choice of constant current source to ensure that the LED current from the outside temperature.

Fourth, LED products sealed
Application of outdoor LED products, are faced with waterproof, moisture-proof sealing problem, if not handled directly will directly affect the life of LED products.

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