Do you believe that the colors are actually alive: they have the flexibility to make the colors of various spaces affect our feelings. However, in most people's living space, pale or warm lights, we are generally used to.

The new LED color lights, that is, with dimming, coloring mechanism of LED lamps, can produce the effect of changing the space atmosphere.


LED color change lamp by the capacitor step-down power supply, LED controller and G, R, B three-color LED array.
Its shape and the general milky white incandescent bulbs the same, but after the light will automatically press a certain time interval discoloration. Circle to send green, yellow, green, purple, blue, red, white light.
(Such as red, blue and two blue LED light when the purple light); if red, green and blue three kinds of LED When lit, it will produce white light. If there is a circuit can make red, green, blue LED, respectively, two bright, separate light and three primary colors LED at the same time lit, the issue of seven different colors of light to external light bulbs must be milky white. So that a better mix, can not use transparent material.

LED color lights for family birthday party, holiday party, festive New Year, to add fun to the festival atmosphere: can also be used for entertainment and advertising lights.

However, this kind of lamp has a more trouble shortcomings, is to control the color of the circuit, the cost is relatively high, and drive the life of the circuit will be a problem.

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