There are many know of led lights in market, like led downlight, led spotlight and led bulb.
Why more and more people use led downlight?

Let's talk about led downlight today.

1, Led downlight has well-adapted.

LED downlight does not exist start-up time, it will work once powered on without waiting a long time. Also its light color is good, close to natural light. 

Fast and flexible installation,adjustable and versatility, make downlight popular in market.

2, LED downlight has high maintainability.
LED light source can be composed of multiple LED modules, LED downlight are made of multiple cavity led mouldes, so that led downlight are without mutual interference and easy maintenance.
The independent design of Power and light source, only need to replace the damaged part if problems. individual damage won't have effect to normal lighting, no need to replace the whole lamp.

6 inch recessed led downlight

3, LED downlight good starting performance.
It only need millisecond response time to achieve full optical output.
LED downlight also has vibration resistance and weather resistance advantages.

4, High CRI of led downlight.
The national standard for CRI is Ra≥80, LED light source CRI is generally higher than the traditional light source.
At the current level, led downlight CRI Can reach ra90.

Led downlight can be used on housing, office, market and project.
It will be more popular with the development of technology.

led downlight usage

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