1.Weld line breakage


For the "dead light", first of all we should determine whether the LED is short or open, if it is open, we will generally consider the LED lights inside the wire is broken. LED lights inside the wire break, resulting in LED no power supply voltage, which is one of the common causes of LED dead light.


2. Removal of solid crystal layer


For some of the use of vertical chip LED lamp beads, the bottom of the solid crystal layer and the stent coating is a more common cause of death.


3. solder joints burned


In some cases, the lamp beads die is not necessarily the problem of the lamp itself, there may be caused by the use of power supply.


4. Chip is subject to corrosion


There are many reasons for the death of the LED, from the packaging, application, to use the various links are likely to die dead phenomenon.Through the analysis of the cause of the LED dead light is one of the important ways to reduce and eliminate the LED dead light, and LED product failure analysis, in addition to powerful equipment hardware, but also need to have the chip, packaging, application of all aspects of production Experience to support, in order to play the equipment capacity, reduce the dead light



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