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In general, the most exposed light source is the natural light source, most people live and work are carried out under the natural light source, the feeling of the natural light is the most cordial and comfortable, so the shop lighting should make use of natural light, This will reduce the cost, but also make the goods in the natural light to maintain the primary colors.

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Cosmetics store decoration design used by the lamps, divided into lighting, spotlights, light and light boxes four.


Lighting: mainly used for shop interior lighting, if the indoor natural light is not good, the lights are the main light source. Because of its use of a long time, it should choose energy-saving lamps.


Spotlights: divided into spotlights and headlights spotlights. Such lights on the rendering atmosphere, show the goods have a better effect, the disadvantage is easy to heat, high power consumption, it should not be used for a long time.


Light: mainly used for local lighting, and more for the counter and the shelves, the role is to increase the brightness of goods, so that goods glowing packaging, such lamps mostly fluorescent lamps.


Lightbox: mainly used for indoor advertising and outdoor shop signs. Lightboxes are usually used in light boxes.



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