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  Wind and solar energy is complementary to the natural energy of wind and solar energy through the wind motor and solar panels to convert the power to recharge the battery. When the wind to go to more than three times, it will be through the wind to power lighting, and lack of wind when the solar panels will be charged through the electricity to carry out lighting.

   Lighting time and control: wind and solar energy is complementary to the configuration of the 400LW wind turbine, a 100W solar panels, a set of 60WLED lamps and 200AH / 12V lead-acid valve control battery two, Composed of wind and solar street lighting system, can ensure reliable daily light 8 to 10 hours.

 solar street lights (2)

   Reliability: in the last three to five days without wind energy, solar charging under the circumstances, the scenery is still complementary to the solar street lighting is still able to work properly, light control lights, time control lights; half power, full power automatic control.

Structure: poles generally have a total height of 10 meters, 8 meters high lights, cloth lights will use the bilateral cross-way, the distance between the poles is 25 meters; the battery will be buried to install the way to protect, so Not only can improve the life of the battery life, but also play the role of anti-theft.

 Wind and solar hybrid street lights can be used for more than ten consecutive days, at the same time, two different types of light bulbs installed in the street above the light can also be adjusted in accordance with the automatic adjustment of closed conversion.

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