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Children's room is generally learning, games, rest, storage function, is the world of children, so the overall indoor lighting brightness should be relatively high, while the light to be soft, so that the room produces a warm, peaceful atmosphere.

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Children's rooms are generally in the overall lighting and local lighting to configure the combination of lighting, the overall lighting to be chandeliers, ceiling lamps for the space to create a clear, fantastic light effect, and local lighting is the wall lamp, Instructions to suit different lighting needs, the child can read and write, you can choose to adjust the light to strengthen the local lighting to achieve the best brightness. Design some backlight , can increase the sense of space, and set the bedside lamp, easy to give children night instructions.

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The selected lamps should be in the shape, color to the child a relaxed, full of funny light perception, to expand the child's imagination, to stimulate the child's learning interest, may wish to use the shape of the rich lamps for the room to add children's play. Star luxury tankers, mountain cross-country bikes, flying blue sky aircraft, these shapes have been used in chandeliers series, hanging a chandelier in the children's room, will allow children to start imagination wings, learning will become taste.

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