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  The study is a space for reading, writing, and amateur learning, research, and work, especially in cultural and educational, technical and art workers. The study is a place where people return to the office environment after the day of work. , It is an extension of the office, but also part of the family life, the study of the duality of the family environment in a unique position, the lighting design also has a lot of attention. 

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  Study needs to be quiet, calm, quiet and quiet feeling, in which people will not be impatient, in addition to consider the function of light, light and bright, to avoid glare, people comfortable to learn and work. Lighting style, style should not be too gorgeous, elegant Junxiu as well, to create a quiet, quiet and comfortable environment.

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  To reduce the indoor brightness contrast, to avoid fatigue, in addition to the ceiling can also set the backlight, the space is more level. 1W LED spotlights can, this lighting can not only help identify the title, you can also keep the temperature, to prevent the books wet rot.

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