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Child nature fun, naughty, with a strong curiosity. If your home socket is not suitable for the installation of the child there is a potential security risk!

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1. Use of safety sockets

Residential building socket installation height is generally 30 cm from the ground, ordinary socket there are security risks, you can use foreign objects into the socket jack. If a child holds a metal object such as a nail into the socket hole, an electric shock may occur.


2. The socket installed in the child out of reach

Children's house socket installation height generally 1.8 meters high from the ground, so the child is not easy enough to avoid or reduce the risk of children due to the electric shock. The socket is installed a little higher, the child is far from danger.


3. Manage the wiring board

Many parents in order to facilitate the frequent use of wiring board, because most of the wiring board does not have the characteristics of safety sockets, and placed arbitrarily relatively large, and some on the desktop, and some on the ground, the height is not very high, Touch, increase the chance of electric shock. Suggest a child's family, with the use of plug-in board, used up so that children do not have the risk of electric shock.

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