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The development of intelligent era, so that consumers in the home improvement design for home intelligent lighting more and more attention. Home intelligent lighting so that people are not only rich family, but also make life more intelligent and convenient. Home intelligent lighting of these advantages, you know how much?

Advantages of home intelligent lighting: centralized control and multi-point operation

In any place the terminal can control the lights in different places; or in different places the terminal can control the same lamp. Use a variety of ways to manage the lighting control system, touch screen, network, PDA, phone allows users to use the most convenient way at any time, anywhere (or even the pool) can control the equipment in the room.

Led Smart bulb

Home intelligent lighting advantage two: soft start function

When the lights are turned on, the lights are darker and darker. Turn off the lights, the light gradually darkened by the light, to avoid sudden changes in brightness to stimulate the human eye, giving the eye a buffer to protect the eyes. But also to avoid the impact of large current and high temperature on the filament, protect the lamp, extend the service life.

 Led smart lamp

Home intelligent lighting advantage three: timing control

Through the schedule management module, you can set the timing of lighting on and off. For example, at 7:00 every morning, the bedroom lights slowly open to a suitable brightness; in the middle of the night, automatically turn off all the lighting.

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