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LED industry, a serious excess capacity, more than 30,000 enterprises by food market. The market is full of a large number of low-cost, low-quality lighting products, can not meet the increasingly high demand for lighting market. Supply side reform will accelerate the LED industry low-end, backward production capacity out, to promote the industry reshuffle. So, the lighting industry, the effective supply and development of new power where?

From the economic level

First, foreign trade, the global economy is still counting on China; Second, investment, experienced since 2008, driven by investment-driven, investment has entered the extrusion bubble stage.

According to the National Bureau of Statistics data, the gross domestic product (GDP) grew by 6.9% in the first quarter of 2017, the highest value in nearly a year and a half, and the contribution of consumption to economic growth was 77.2%.

The rise of domestic consumption, is becoming an important starting point for the economy. At present, China is experiencing the third stage of consumer upgrades, people on the spirit of consumption, quality of life consumption demand is gradually rising.

From a technical level

With the rapid development of information technology in the world, the world's rapid growth in information needs, information technology has become the cornerstone of today's economic activities and social life, Internet of Things and cloud computing as a new height and form of information technology, was proposed and developed , And applied to all areas of daily life.

From the industry level

Lighting industry reflects the four characteristics:

1. Centralization: industry concentration is getting higher and higher, 5 billion club members in the increase, such as Op lighting, Feile audio, wood Linsen shares, NVC Group;

2. Brand: first-line brand enterprises in the market more and more obvious competitive advantage, second and third tier brands continue to weaken the advantages;

3. Capitalization: first-line lighting enterprises to more intense competition in the capital, to speed up the integration of the industry speed;

4. Specialization: small and medium enterprises in the identification of small and medium enterprises on the basis of the market differentiation of the road.

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