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Led sterilization lamp is actually a kind of LED lights, is to produce negative ions after the miniaturization of complex equipment and energy efficient combination of energy, in the light irradiation at the same time, can produce a large number of negative ions scattered in the space, which play smoke Dust, odor and other harmful effects, widely used in hotels, hotels, offices, conference rooms, family and tea, karaoke, Internet cafes and other leisure and entertainment places, is to improve air quality, eliminate formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases Of the excellent product.

Health is basically air, and negative ions are vitamins in the air. Nature, the forest, the waterfall side, thunderstorms after the air fresh and pleasant, because these ambient air anion content increased. Experts pointed out: the concentration of negative ions in the air and human health has a direct relationship, according to statistics, adults breathe about 20,000 times a day, inhalation of air volume of 10-15 cubic meters. Clean air for life is more important than anything else, and, with more negative ions in the air can improve the body's immune system, promote cell metabolism, enhance vitality, eliminate fatigue, increase appetite. It is particularly pointed out that negative ions play a vital role in promoting the development of children because children are in development and weak resistance. It also has to clear the TV, computers and other electronic products emitted by the harmful substances.

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