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1. To improve the level of space lighting


Elderly and normal people for the brightness of the light there is a big difference, such as the general lighting, the elderly brightness of the standard value is 1.5 times the normal person, and traffic lighting and late night lighting gap is greater, 3-5 times The This requires the need to improve the level of illumination, you can use some bright colors of diffuse materials do walls, ceilings and floors, to ensure the brightness of the room.


2. The appropriate increase in visual contrast


Appropriate use of key lighting to improve the safety factor, with lighting to create the brightness contrast space constraints, so that the level of clear location clear, while the use of color contrast to the space to convey the visual information easy to identify.

Led downlight (2)


3. The visual level is more clear


Avoid the use of complex decoration, complex gorgeous light environment is not conducive to the elderly visual recognition, increase the visual burden, and simple and clear light, so that the level of space, visual information clear.


4. To ensure the brightness transition and uniformity


Reduce the brightness of the larger changes in the local space, at the same time, set a reasonable transition and buffer space to ease the space conversion process to bring the eyes of the light can not adapt to the situation. The elderly to reduce the ability to adapt to the dark, suddenly dark space is likely to bring falls, collisions and other security risks of the elderly ability to adapt to weakened, suddenly bright space easily lead to dizziness, visual fatigue and other physical hazards.

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